Last validated CV

Get the last validated CV

This method return the CV by status since a given datetime.

GET /cv/status/{status}?since={datetime}


Name Description Type
status mandatoryThe CV status string that can get this value : draft, proofreading, rewrite, ready, sent
since mandatory Datetime since the last status change See accepted formats. For example '2012-05-05 18:03:36' or @946684800


GET /cv/6/pdf

        "total": 1,
                "title": "Starbuck : meilleure pilote de Viper de toute la flotte coloniale",
                "anonymized": false,
                "main": false,
                "id": "12",
                "created": "2015-08-28T11:01:57+0200",
                "updated": "2015-08-28T11:01:57+0200",
                "language": "fr_FR"